R&D Departments

A springboard and change accelerator at the service of the company

R&D Departments are faced with the following issues:

  • R&D steering (strategy, indicators, project portfolio, budget preparation reliability, etc.)
  • Innovation (encouraging, appraising and choosing the right innovations)
  • “Time to market” management (steering in project mode, capacity planning, etc.)
  • Improving performance (ensure global coherency, improve functioning, integrate planning-costs-resources, etc.)
  • Managing expertise and skills
  • Transforming the R&D Department (lead R&D in-house improvement projects, adapt to business concerns, develop partnerships and subcontracting, etc.)

Our experience

Oresys has been assisting the transformation of the largest R&D Departments for the last 30 years, in the aim of making them more efficient and at the service of business concerns. Oresys performs over 30 assignments every year in R&D Departments and over 60 of our consultants provide them with advice and support.

Oresys is a leader in supporting R&D Departments with regards to R&D directors, strategy and top management and has recognized expertise and know-how in this field.

Our offer

We assist your R&D transformation projects by:

  • Synchronizing the planning of project deliverables and project steering using milestones
  • Arbitrating R&D investment projects
  • Giving your project management a decision-making dimension
  • Selecting your project portfolio steering software application
  • Analyzing the data from your data management systems
  • Managing, building and implementing project management methods
  • Improving the R&D project function and/or rolling out a genuine project model
  • Ensuring R&D budget preparation reliability
  • Steering the R&D Department (project portfolio, indicators and improvement plans)
  • Optimizing R&D steering processes

Oresys also fosters networking between its various R&D clients to facilitate best practice sharing.

They trus us

Air Liquide,  Airbus, BioMérieux, CEA, Dassault, DGA, DCNS, EADS, EDF, Eurocontrol, Faurecia, Janssen pharmaceutica,  Johnson et Johnson, L’Oréal, Michelin, PSA, Renault, Safran, Hispano Suiza (groupe Safran), Snecma, Sanofi, Servier, Total,…

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