Industrial & Engineering Department

Secure your large industrial projects delivery (CPM)

Your industrial and engineering projects (new plants, new production lines, new infrastructures, large industrial projects …) need to be even more secured and your current practices have shown their limits, regarding the investment level, the potential operating loss induced and the side effects on market value and image towards financial analysts.

You are concerned by the following issues:

  • Tracking of scope/request changes and their analysis,
  • Contract dynamic update to limit claims,
  • Controlling from end to end of costs and financing cycles,
  • Unified documentation of project events: risks, quality, safety…
  • Optimized interfaces and collaborations between internal project stakeholders and contractors,
  • Tracking, control and analysis of financial data

Our offer

You are an owner, a tier contractor, a subcontractor, you wish, beyond the basic project and resource management, to secure the management of your large capital projects key elements: financial records, contractual engagements, changes…

Considering these issues, Oresys advises to go beyond the handicraft (Excel, Access…) and to be better equipped, in an industrial approach, thanks to ORACLE UNIFIER (the CPM dedicated module of Primavera) in order to:

  • Have a unified reference model,
  • Structure project events (forms, workflow),
  • Share information between all the project stakeholders (subcontractors, EPC, clients…),
  • Facilitate cross analysis and simulation,

Our experience

Oresys experience in supporting industrial and engineering department is based on:

  • Its capabilities in the domain of Capital Project Management (CPM) :
    • 30 years of experience in PPM/CPM
    • Worldwide companies’ confidence regarding PPM and CPM, especially in the industrial fields
    • No equivalent consulting company on the French market for CPM
  • A strong know-how of engineering and capital projects
  • A UNIFIER certified CPM team used to work with executive management
  • Proven knowledge:
    • Best practice based on experience in many industries
    • Grounded solutions
    • Ability to support executive decision-making

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