Our vision of consultancy

Comprendre le marché du conseil en 5 minutes


Yves Salomon, Président Directeur Général d'Oresys, présente le marché du conseil :
- comment le marché est-il structuré et quelles en sont les spécificités par grande famille d'acteurs ?
- quel est le positionnement d'Oresys ? Son originalité ?

Our mindset

Diversity accelerates developement!

With over 300 assignments every year and a very flexible internal organization, Oresys ensures every consultant enjoys a wide variety of experiences.
We are totally convinced that this diversity accelerates skill acquisition and encourages all consultants to unveil their talents.
Oresys will help you build a rich and varied career and take advantage of every assignment to explore a new dimension (client, economic sector, operational department, etc.).

What we offer you:

  •  friendly, human-scale environment, where professional and personal growth go hand in hand
  • In-house training on our methods
  • Team and project operating modes
  • The opportunity to take on responsibilities fast and lead assignments from A to Z
  • An emphasis on personal development with personalized career monitoring
  • International open-mindedness

We are convinced that the happiness of our consultants is key to the success and sustainability of our company.

What being an Oresys consultant means…

Our consultants all start out their career by acquiring general skills and capabilities, and systematically work in project mode, within a human-scale team (2 to 10 consultants).
We intervene in a very wide variety of sectors and fields (customer relationship management, human resources, finance, project management, company steering, logistics, etc.), and offer our clients recognized and innovative know-how.
The progression of our consultants is at the core of our management system and we do our utmost to guarantee and accelerate the progression of individual skills and autonomy:

  • Oresys has set up in-house training modules covering all core components of the consultancy business
  • Each consultant benefits from our personal development scheme: everyone has a dedicated coach, in charge of accompanying and supervising the consultant’s career, both in terms of assignments and within Oresys.

In addition to their various assignments, all consultants get the opportunity to take part in company life through a variety of activities, including initiatives for company development in a particular sector or area, participation in internal innovation projects, etc.


Being an Oresys consultant means responding to individual client needs in a pragmatic and effficient manner, by implementing the know-how, methods and innovative tools leveraged over our 30-year experience.