Change Management

Supporting people

A business transformation project means a shared task that mobilizes the various men and women involved in it.

This meaning needs to be properly expressed. We consider it as:

  • the concrete that binds the shared task,
  • an opposable and sustainable managerial reference,
  • a wonderful source of new products, services and creativity.

Oresys considers Performance and Humanity as mutually strengthening: we are convinced that a project can only be successful if people forming the company are its key players.

With this in mind, Oresys has been accompanying its clients for the last 30 years in all areas of change management, with the following 8 convictions:

  • Tackle change management in a global manner for each involved population
  • Measure the scope of the change to be managed according to the target population, from the project scoping and launching phase (RightChange® method)
  • Share the project stakes (“Why?”) to facilitate project acceptance
  • Co-construct the change management components with the help of all players
  • Involve managers throughout the hierarchy
  • Implement various prevention and supervision measures:
    • Take into consideration and mobilize all involved parties (internal and external to the company)

    • Coordinate “prevention groups” in due time

    • Set up a “change barometer” to measure the degree of change integration

  • Incorporate skill management in the approach
  • Incorporate initiatives relating to social dialogue

Our services

Oresys assists you in:

  • The diagnostic and scoping of change-associated tasks
  • Steering the change process
  • The management charter and support
  • Training and e-Learning

To ensure high-performance project management, Oresys has created a series of training and assistance modules based on its own experience, tailored specifically to your project teams:

  • Work training in project mode
  • Project manager and manager coaching

Our consutlants work in Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes, Toulouse, Lille and Switzerland (Lausanne & Geneva).

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