Data Intelligence

Help companies control and enhance the heritage data

The exponential growth of the quantity of data available in the company's IS and on the market is now a reality that is set to last.

The stakes around "data" are huge; information must be reliable, understood, analysed and transformed so that companies can turn them into competitive advantage and make better decisions now and for the future.

Our trademark is our capacity to respond to the needs of decision-makers and provide them with the right information at the right time, by "making numbers talk" in an instructive manner.

Oresys possesses unique know-how, together with a data scientist hub combining detailed knowledge of business issues, genuine expertise in the handling of large volumes of data and extremely high-performance data intelligence tools.

Our services

Our know-how spans all operational divisions (HR, Finance, Marketing, CRM, etc.) and all our top sectors: Retail, Banking & Insurance, Industry, Energy & Utilities, Transport, etc.

Here are a few illustrations of the scope: fight against fraud, profiling and analysis of client behavior, pay analysis, individual social reports, preparation for tax inspections, etc.

Oresys offers a three-fold, coherent and complementary solution, structured around 3 service ranges:

  • Data Quality and Master Data Management (DQM/MDM): data transformation and repositories to ensure data reliability
  • Business Intelligence (BI): design and implementation of steering systems with adapted scorecards for each company stakeholder
  • Business Analytics: ad hoc analytical studies and rollout of business data analysis cells (crisis management and/or strategic analyses in response to Top Management challenges)



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