Distribution & Consumer Goods

Major transformation projects

The retail sector has to face numerous challenges, such as developing new services, improving price image while safeguarding margins, reinforcing customer loyalty to increase market shares and achieving coherent development across all channels.

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Oresys has been supporting Retail stakeholders with their business transformation projects for the last 30 years:

  • 160 assignments for 32 different groups
  • 15 % of Oresys business is in the Retail sector
  • 75 of our consultants have extensive experience in the distribution sector

Our areas of expertise:

  • Marketing
  • Merchandising
  • Supply Chain
  • Distribution – Sales
  • Services
  • Human Resources

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We support operational transformation projects (strategy, scoping and definition, management and deployment).

Here are a few examples of the types of assignment led by Oresys:

  • Cross-Channel program scoping
  • Customer relationship lifecycle, Unified Vision of the Customer
  • Loyalty reinforcement
  • Development of new offers/products – Product MDM
  • Sales forecasting
  • Distributor Monitoring / Decision-making
  • Logistics repositioning
  • Checkout redesign

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