Insurance and social welfare

Revolutionizing models to meet today's competitiveness, profitability and regulatory challenges

In the light of today's profound socioeconomic changes, high competitiveness, strict regulatory constraints and market reconfiguration, insurance and social welfare stakeholders are obliged to step up to major socioeconomic challenges:

  • Find new levers for growth and performance

  • Manage risks and technical and financial balances

  • Comply with current regulations

  • Achieve operational excellence

Our teams use Oresys' know-how and business expertise to optimize performance, achieve business transformation projects and help our clients achieve their strategic goals.

Our experience

Oresys is a historic partner to all types of market player and business lines (Insurance, Healthcare, Life Insurance, Savings, Retirement, and Contingency) and has worked alongside over 50 clients in this sector: insurance companies, bank insurance, mutual insurance, brokers, contingency funds, retirement and welfare funds, etc.

Our consultants are familiar with the challenges of this sector and deliver services on core projects such as:

  • Digital strategy: e-insurance, dematerialization, cross-channel programs

  • Customer relationship, marketing and sales performance: 360° customer vision, subscription tunnels, sales force tools set, e-CRM

  • Mergers and partnerships: IT and process redesign, enterprise architecture, IT interoperability

  • Business Intelligence & Analytics: IT management, asset/liability management, data analytics

  • Risks and conformity: operational risk management, Solvency 2, SEPA, ANI, etc.

  • Operational excellence: For several years, Oresys has been leading an innovative, international study on business maturity with regards to Operational Excellence (over 100 participating businesses) together with its international partners.

Our offer

Oresys provides the following services:

  • Management and support on business change projects

  • Framing studies and master plans

  • Process mapping and optimization

  • Change management and large roll-outs

  • Business Intelligence and analytics

  • Enterprise Architecture and IT governance 

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