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Performance and frugality, the challenges of the public sector

With today’s tense budgetary context and the changing expectations of society, the public sector is confronted with a major challenge: the need for modernization, in order to focus on societal challenges while respecting prerogatives in terms of cost and efficiency.

The modernization of public policies, the new relationships between the administration and citizens and the structural evolution of public sector jobs are some of the major challenges of this sector. It is on this background where Oresys helps administrations to improve their performance.

Our experience

Oresys has assisted public sector stakeholders right from the outset. The public sector currently accounts for 15 to 20% of our activity:

  • France: Ministries, town councils, public institutions, health, education, etc.
  • International institutions: European Commission, European Parliament, NATO, etc.
  • Switzerland: State of Vaud.

Our offer

We have extensive experience in accompanying public sector challenges, e.g.:

  • Transformation program management assistance for Ministries, town councils and public institutions,
  • Assistance with agency and office upgrades, restructuring plans, the implementation of performance programs and development of a “customer-first” culture,
  • Assistance with unification and the creation of shared services centers,
  • Change deployment and assistance with a dual objective: improved performance and acknowledgement of human capital,
  • Assistance in the implementation of technological upgrades intended to simplify the administration ↔ citizen relationship,
  • etc.

We aim to accompany all stakeholders, in order to contribute to better performance of public institutions and a more human society.

They trust us

Ministère du Travail, Commission Européenne, OTAN, Canton de Vaud, Croix Rouge, Université de Lausanne, CHU Dijon, CNAM, VNF, DGAC, AFPA, Banque de France…

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