Accounting / Financial / Purchasing Department organization

The willingness to ensure continuous improvement.

Financial Departments seek to optimize their organization in order to improve their productivity, focus on tasks with added value and improve the service they provide to operational divisions.

Oresys helps you achieve your organizational optimization projects:

  • Function-sharing between central departments (Head Office) and decentralized departments
  • Rollout of Pooled Service Centers / Outsourcing of certain functions
  • Improved processes and impacts on the Information System

Our method

Oresys has developed an original and pragmatic approach based on:

  • Clarifying stakes
  • Informing the impacted populations and their management
  • Reaching the organizational target rapidly
  • Considering all HR impacts related to this type of project

Oresys possesses an Accounting, Financial and Purchasing process repository based on best practices, meaning our clients benefit from rapid target definition.


A few references: AFPA, Sony Music, Servier, SNCF, Banque de France, Cofely

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