Application Portfolio Management

Governing and optimizinge your IT legacy: Application Portfolio Management

In today's economic context, corporate capacity to improve the performance, wealth and comprehensiveness of its application base is crucial.

In response to this challenge, Oresys assists IT Depts. with the management of their applications, by defining and rolling out an Application Portfolio Management solution aligned with business, budgetary and technological stakes.

Over 15 expert consultants in the field of portfolio and investment management provide a pragmatic and concrete approach to Application Portfolio Management that facilitates decision-making and enables:

  • IT asset governance in terms of budgets and business and technological alignment,

  • Rationalization, optimization and management of the performance of your applications

Our method

Oresys implements Application Portfolio Management solutions using an iterative approach:

1. Scoping,
2. Proof Of Value: used to prove the project’s value through an initial prototype of the decision-making solution,
3. Solution implementation and asset scoring.

We adapt our methodology to the context and priorities of our clients.

One of our greatest strengths is our pragmatic approach:

  • Together with our clients, we concretely identify the questions that must be asked before decisions can be made with regards to the applications

  • We collect targeted information on the applications: only information that is strictly necessary for answering key questions is gathered

    Thanks to our partnership with software-editor TROUX, we provide you with a comprehensive, tool-based solution to optimize your applications. TROUX is centred on decision-making and provides numerous reports and scorecards. It is a facilitator for the implementation of APM projects.

    We also work with various other tools and editors.

A few references: L’Oréal, Electrabel, Moët Hennessy, Europ Assistance, Banque de France

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