Managing calls for tender

Managing calls for tender: efficient negotiations and contract finalization

Companies increasingly call on subcontractors to manage work relating to the upgrading or running of their information systems, including software application design, software package integration, application maintenance outsourcing, operating, global IS facilities management, etc.

Yet, successful subcontracting first and foremost depends on choosing the best supplier, clearly defining mutual “customer – supplier” commitments and proper works monitoring.

Oresys helps you respond to these challenges by acting as a facilitator throughout, from the preparation of the call for tender to the follow-up of the services rendered. Oresys has been assisting its clients with issues relating to calls for tender for the last 25 years, for both public and private sector contracts.

Our method

We mainly intervene in the following areas:

  • Acquisition strategy
  • Drafting of the different parts of the call for tender
  • Call for tender management
  • Assistance with choices, negotiation and contract finalization
  • Contract launch

We work according to the following main principles:

  • The contract must not be ambiguous; pre-empt all possibilities and especially hotspots
  • The contract must provide the client with a variety of springboards for managing the contractual relationship
  • The contract must be balanced
  • The contract (or draft project) must form part of a call for tender

Oresys offers various standard contracts, together with a library of course units, in particular for application maintenance outsourcing, SaaS and IS facilities management. Oresys also intervenes in the following types of contract: software developments, general services, etc.


Our experience in the management of calls for tender has also allowed us to organize and host events on this theme for over 20 years.


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