Enterprise Architecture Plan

Steering IT transformation using an Enterprise Architecture Plan

In today's context of continuous business transformation, the IT plan enables definition of the target IT system and its implementation trajectory, in line with strategy and business requirements. It is the basis of a dynamic and iterative IT transformation process.

Our experience, leveraged from over 30 years' experience working with IT Depts., together with our active role in the Urba-EA Club – an association of around 70 businesses co-founded and led by Oresys since 2000 - ensures an efficient definition of the evolution of your IS.

Over 40 of our consultants are available to assist you in drawing up your Enterprise Architecture Plans, using a pragmatic and tried-and-tested approach.

Our method

Our PREMYS approach is pragmatic, progressive and molded by strategic orientations. It involves operational divisions and IT players alike, and enables the definition of a target combining all IT dimensions:

  • Analysis of existing applications and business processes

  • Consideration of business strategy, stakes and needs

  • Definition of a functional target adapted to strategic needs and orientations

  • Building of an applicative target reflecting the functional target

  • Elaboration of a roadmap and project plan taking defined priorities into account

This is a tried, tested and proven method: our consultants successfully implement this approach across all sectors (public services, transport, energy, industry, distribution, etc.) and in multiple functional domains (HR, Finance, Sales, Marketing, etc.). We have leveraged functional targets from our experience across all these sectors and fields, which are now used as a reference frames for the master plan.

We use tools such as strategic maps, business frameworks and decision-making matrices to facilitate the qualification of your challenges and the prioritization of your projects during trajectory building.

A few references: Canton de Vaud (Suisse), Caisse des Dépôts, MAAF Assurances, Aéroports de Paris, Carrefour

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