IT Department Human Resources

Optimizing IT Department Human Resources: jobs & skills

In addition to the classic challenges of Jobs & Skills Management (retirements, staff turnover, etc.), the IT Department is faced with a continuous need to adapt to new infrastructures and IS building technologies and methodologies and their impacts on Human Resources.

It must also be capable of offering its human resources career opportunities and appear appealing, especially with “digital natives”.

Besides, the IT Department must adapt its job and skill repositories to a standardizing nomenclature (SFIA, e-Competences Framework, etc.).

Our method

Oresys helps you respond to the various challenges involved in IT Department Human Resources by:

  • Drawing up a Job and Skill Repository: job and career descriptions, etc.
  • Rolling out a Jobs & Skills Management approach: mapping existing software, determining a 3-5-year target, identifying recruitment / training plans and the IS areas to be developed to achieve this target
  • Rolling out IT Department stakeholder professionalization initiatives: skills management in relation to annual interviews, training plans, etc.

Oresys relies on a recognized experience in IT Department Jobs & Skills repositories: job nomenclatures including Cigref, SFIA, e-Competences Framework, etc.

We also offer you to implement pragmatic tools to support HR management processes within the IT Department, including word processing tools, platforms in SaaS mode, etc.

A few references: EDF, Banque de France, Mutuelles du Mans Assurances (MMA), Microfinance Institution Amret (Cambodia)


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