Legal and fiscal requirements

Preparing and securing responses to legal and fiscal requirements

Companies must be capable of researching and extracting their historic computerized data in both standard contexts (tax inspection, periodic audit) and exceptional cases (dispute, health alert, etc.), subject to financial or administrative sanctions.

Oresys assists various major clients in their administrative procedures and offers:

  • Knowledge of their core business (Banking, Distribution, Pharmaceuticals, Industry, etc.)
  • Knowledge of their legal, fiscal and quality constraints
  • Extensive expertise in the management, analysis and quality assurance of large, multi-source data volumes

Obsolete information systems, differing sources and formats, missing data, etc. can mean a colossal effort when it comes to collecting the company’s historic data to satisfy legal and fiscal requirements.


Our method

Oresys assists its clients in every step of its administrative procedures.

  • Anticipation: 
    • Data archiving procedure framing
    • Compliancy assurance plans
    • Analysis of historic data and compiling of audit suggestions
  • Responding to authorities: 
    • Definition of response procedures for in-house project teams
    • Support to in-house teams during inspections (data analysis department)

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