Steering of Investments

Structuring, Selecting, Securing and Realizing your Business project added values

In its 30 years in the consultancy field, Oresys has developed unique experience alongside major CAC 40 and international groups. Our approach allows you to respond rapidly and pragmatically to the stakes of your project portfolio in terms of investment steering:

  • Where and when to best invest/disinvest?

  • How to improve decision-making speed and control execution?

  • How to spot projects that are vectors of growth?

  • How to achieve the expected results?

Our method

The Oresys approach relies on various hubs of expertise to respond to these multiple challenges. We mobilize our skills in Portfolio Management, Project Management and Business Analytics.

Our objective is to help you set up the most appropriate methods, from the creation of a "Proof of Concept" through to the industrialization phase.

We accompany you throughout your investment cycle:

  • Investment definition in the strategic phase: adaptation of the orientations set by Top Management into realistic business models aligned with your company strategy

  • Arbitration in the budgetary phase (Right Move): assistance in decision-making through the creation of scenarios

  • Project management in the Build phase: assistance throughout the project development cycle

  • Optimization of the operational / run phase: governed by the effective delivery of results linked to the operational functioning of the investment

    Oresys also provides you with best practices, traps to be avoided and feedback from our hand-on experience in a variety of sectors: industry, transport, energy, distribution, services, banking, insurance, etc.

A few references: EDF, Société Générale, Compagnie des Alpes, SNCF

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