Rollout of new tools and processes: reconciling stakeholder expectations

The efficient deployment of tools and processes requires various actions to ensure proper implementation/integration by all of the teams involved, without interrupting service or incurring social strife: a deployment project is drawn up for each impacted site.

We contribute to your rollout project by assisting you in the following areas:

  • Rollout strategy definition

  • Construction of an operational rollout kit, including standard deliverables, an individual site schedule, action checklist, etc.

  • Building and feeding a steering system

  • Structuring and improving the skills of local deployment teams

  • On-site assistance before and during startup

  • Coordination of the rollout manager network

  • Assistance in conducting rollout and change management initiatives

Oresys has contributed to the deployment of information systems, processes, materials and methodologies in all of our clients' business fields.

Our method

We offer pragmatic and well-equipped methods to help you drive all the work streams of a multi-site rollout, ensure that costs and deadlines are respected, reduce rejection risks and maximize user adherence.

We attach great importance to the accountability of local rollout project teams and deployment plan steering according to stakes, risks and benefits.

Our rollout methodology aims to ensure each site or entity is operational at go live, with trained and mobilized users, instantiated, functioning and data-initialized applications, and an efficient support and assistance setup.

The key factors of our approach are:

  • Rollout industrialization, using detailed kits

  • The finely-tuned steering of local projects, while providing decision-makers with global progress reports

  • The implementation of field listening aids to secure deployment and reduce risks of rejection

A few references: PSA Peugeot Citroën, Système U, La Banque Postale, EDF, Veolia


Our consutlants work in Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes, Toulouse, Lille and Switzerland (Lausanne & Geneva).


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