Preliminary and exploratory studies

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The preliminary study is part of the previous stage of a project, during which major decisions with a structuring effect are taken, i.e. confirmation of project pertinence (or not), operational changes, information system roadmap and evolutions, level of investment and ROI, project resources and governance.

Thanks to our tried-and-tested methodologies and the recognized expertise of our consultants, our preliminary study will allow you to make the right decisions and choose adapted solutions for your most complex projects.

We accompany the following upstream areas of your project:

  • Opportunity studies, business case

  • Project scoping

  • Business requirements, specifications

  • Enterprise and IT architecture

  • Calls to tender

  • Gap analysis

Our method

Our study technique is based on several exploratory levels. It is intended to provide initial directions with regards to project pertinence, then go further in depth, in the aim of securing project risk areas and highly complex areas.

Our methods have been specially designed on the basis of surveys conducted on decision-makers, so you are guaranteed to reach a decision or systemic agreement at the end of the preliminary study.

Our independence, in particular with regards to software editors and integrators, means our clients benefit from absolute objectivity when it comes to choosing solutions and suppliers.

A few references: Air Liquide, BNP Paribas, GDF Suez, Geodis, Metro Cash & Carry France, Microsoft, RATP, Sony BMG, SNCF, …

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