Stakeholder Management

Secure your project by mastering the contribution and influence of your stakeholders

Oresys leads 40-50 projects a year in which stakeholder management plays a key role.
Stakeholder management is essential in dealing with complex and challenging situations:

  • Difficulties in mobilizing business resources on a project
  • Multiplicity of actors and/or levels (national, regional, local)
  • Managing of the social dialogue with Unions/ Work Council authorities / Staff representative bodies that might impact the project schedule
  • Conflicting interests between different branches / departments of the company ...

This approach is a must for any Project Manager facing strong external influences on the project scope.

Our methodology

In response to this challenge, Oresys has developed PartnerBooster®, an innovative and tooled approach, which is based on:

  • Recognized methodologies in the field of negotiation and allies strategy management
  • A proven track record across sectors and within different contexts
  • The integration into Oresys’ RightDriver® project management methodology


The objectives are to:

  • Identify project stakeholders
  • Analyze and measure for each stakeholder the degree of adherence and resistance
  • Develop a relationship strategy balancing the challenges, the energy needed, and the expected result
  • Translate strategy into action, supported by the Oresys PartnerBooster® model


Oresys offers to:

  • Conduct a quick diagnosis of your project stakeholders thanks to the PartnerBooster® tool, a true accelerator for your project, guaranteeing its success
  • Manage your project stakeholders thanks to a hands-on action plan and indicators measuring the effectiveness of the measures taken


Oresys’ stakeholder management methodology can be applied in many different situations and has been proved successful for:

  • Transformation projects requiring to reconcile different points of views, to assure that transverse working methods are evolving ...
  • Publically high profile projects  that are at the heart of societal issues such as large infrastructure / transportation  and construction projects, projects in the energy sector or reorganization projects in the public service.

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