Transformer votre organisation

The road to operational excellence and sustainable performance

Our know-how

From the outset, Oresys has been assisting business organizational projects and helping clients transform, upgrade and drive operational performance sustainably, without neglecting human aspects.

Oresys has developed recognized expertise in one of the major areas of concern of today’s directors: Operational Excellence. Our approach aims to improve business performance and operational efficiency.
We help businesses develop their operational excellence and reinforce their capacity to instigate an efficient value chain:

  • by aligning operational processes with the company strategy
  • by working on aspects such as processes, new technologies, culture and change management
  • through a continuous improvement cycle.

 Our services

Oresys covers all aspects of process management and organization:

  • Drive your “performance and operational excellence” program
  • Process optimization projects and definition of target organizations models
  • Process dematerialization and industrialization
  • To successfully drive their organization and process assignments, Oresys teams rely on:
  • The expertise of the Lean Six Sigma and Quality best practices
  • Their pragmatic adaptation in the form of an operational methodology Toolbox
  • The operational sequence simulation tool developed by Oresys
  • Process repositories leveraged from certain frequently-analyzed sectors and fields (Banking, Insurance, Energy, R&D, HR, IT, Finance, etc.)
  • In-depth knowledge of mapping and BPM techniques and the main commercially-available tools
  • Skills in the digital and IT solutions fields, to support process dematerialization and industrialization projects (e-business, GED, workflow, etc.).

Oresys has also developed an Operational Excellence framework with its partners from Cordence Worldwide, and leads international studies on business maturity and benchmarking in conjunction with its clients.

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